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Brian O'Neil Returns to the Charlotte Comedy Stage

When we last spoke with Brian O’Neil in October 2019, he had recently launched a new comedy show, Revolt Comedy, which he hosted and featured a rotating cast of amateur comedians. We spoke about the momentum in the Charlotte comedy scene and Queen City Poly, a relationship podcast he was hosting about polyamory and ethical monogamy. In the years since our last conversation, the pandemic altered much about our way of life. Restaurants transitioned to outdoor venues, concerts were held outdoors i

Tips for Taking Photos That Increase Your Sales

There is absolutely no way around it. People are extremely visual creatures. This becomes even more true when it comes to online shopping. Because we cannot see the products in person or experience them, it is critical for the customer to be able to trust that they can see the product in enough detail. Speaking from personal experience, I have totally forgone getting a product if the pictures weren't available or up to par. Clearly, you don't want this to happen to you. You want your customers t

Book Review: You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty

Genre: Romance, Fiction Rating: 4/5 It all happens so quickly: an orange, blossoming fire; the sound of shattering glass; blood. Boom. You're a widow. That's what happens to Feyi Adekola. She's lost the love of her life in a car crash before their first anniversary, and she spends five years mourning him. When we first meet Feyi, a very talented artist, she's broken and guilt-ridden. She feels guilty for surviving the crash and living without her husband, Jonah. She never feels that he's her ex because they never broke up; he died.

Using Social Media for Support

When you acknowledge the fact that billions of consumers utilize social media in one form or another, it's hard to ignore the role that social media can play in your business. It is likely that, in this day and age, you have some sort of social media presence. You may have been using it for marketing most likely, but if you have only been looking at social media as a means of marketing, you're missing out on additional opportunities. There was once a time when, if someone was outraged about some

How to Effectively Support Your Customers

In your quest to be the best, a few things can fall by the wayside. When you're trying to make your site visible, when you're trying to increase sales, there's one thing at the base of all of that and you cannot forget that base. Your base is, obviously, your customers. You cannot forget about them. You're probably thinking, "How can I forget my customers? I need them if I want to meet my sales goals." That is not what I mean. You can't just remember your customers when you're trying to meet you

Grow Your Business Using Affiliate Marketing

Some days owning an e-commerce business is easy and others it's very, very hard. So hard, in fact, that you want help in order to acheive the best results. There's nothing wrong with wanting or needing help. The only thing wrong would be if you don't know what kind of help to enlist. For store owners, their help comes in the form of various marketing techniques. Marketing is at the crux of every retail or commerce business structure. One cannot be successful without it. Think about a youngster,

Understanding Your Marketing Funnel

There are ways to be successful in your line of work and there are ways to fail. There are so many moving parts to being in ecommerce that it might seem like it's impossible to win in this field. Everything in ecommerce takes time, but it's worth it in the end. But what's the endgame for you? To be successful? Well, how do you measure success? For many, success is equivalent to how many sales are made. This is totally fine and normal, but do you understand the journey your customers take to make

7 Ways to Use Instagram to Market Your Products

In case you were otherwise unaware, Instagram has become a huge marketing giant. So much of a giant, in fact, that its marketing has increased to the tune of 2 million advertisers. While that can seem superfluous and oversaturated, rest assured it's actually pretty good. In fact, Instagram can boast that 75% of all users take action after viewing the post of a business. Coupled with the fact that 50% of all users follow at least one business on Instagram, I'd say it's a pretty decent model. Ther

How To Be Productive When Working Remotely

Once upon a time, human beings needed to be present in a collectice space in order to work. Then, technological advancements and different job varieties occured that allowed human beings to work remotely, thus making their lives easier in many ways. The end. That's the world we live in. Gone are the days where every job requires you to be physically present at the job site at all times. We live in a world where it is necessary for some employees to work remotely much of the time if not all of

Link Building Strategies for New Ecommerce Stores

So, you just opened an ecommerce store? I'm guessing you might be a little overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. How do you spread the word? How do you increase your site's SEO (search engine optimization)? There are a lot of questions to ask and oftentimes not enough answers to go around. One helpful thing that would be helpful for you as a new ecommerce store owner is link building. What's link building? Well, it's simple. At the very least, it can be described as an SEO strategy that will b

How to Manage Inventory Across Multiple Sites

It almost goes without saying that one of the main goals of running an e-commerce site is to increase sales and be successful. In this day and age, though, it can be a little difficult to manage such a feat. With the need to maintain visibility, be alluring, and increase profits, among other things, it may seem like you're working with the cards stacked against you. Chances are, you know the deal and you want to give yourself as many chances as possible. Let's say you want to try your hand at se

3 Ways to Better Manage Back Orders

There is no way around it. As often as many store owners try to avoid it, back orders can happen to the best of them. It's unavoidable when a particular product may be extremely popular. While this may seem like a good thing for your profits, it can also spell bad news for you as a store owner. Most consumers don't want to wait for anything and hardly anyone subscribe to delayed gratification. That doesn't mean that an instance of a back order is hopeless cause, though. It is a manageable situat

Choosing the Right Supplier

Having the right supplier is a critical facet in the diamond that is your e-commerce business. For all intents and purposes, think of a supplier as your business partner. In effect, they are and having the right, or wrong, one can make or break your business. You've probably given some thought to whether or not you need a supplier of any kind and found that yeah, you do. Honestly, it makes things a lot easier when you have someone to help. Or maybe you already have supplier and you're not entire

5 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

It goes without saying that one of the goals of running an e-commerce store is to generate revenue. Of course, you do it because you love it, but you want to make money off of it too, right? That's the whole point: to generate income on your terms and be your own boss. It's a dream come true! Unfortunately, it isn't always as easy as all that. Generating revenue for your business takes work and sometimes seems an impossible feat. With all the competition out there, it's always difficult to disce

Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Think about what makes you buy a product. There are always a great many contributing factors, but what's the biggest? Is it when the products are described in the simplest of fashions? I'd be willing to bet not. Just as we need visual representation when browsing a product, so too do we need a quality description of said product. Anyone can see the blue coat on your site so there's no need to describe to us that it's a blue coat. What makes this blue coat special? Why should we buy it? How would

5 Ways to Avoid Cart Abandonment

I'm guilty. I'm not going to lie about it. I have been one of those shoppers who abandon their carts during the checkout process. I’ve done it multiple times and it’s possible that I will never stop. But guess what? I’m not alone. Nearly 70% of consumers abandon their carts during the checkout process. That’s a steep number! If you were to calculate the amount of the consumers who visit your site and subsequently abandon their carts, I’m sure that you would find that you’re almost hemorrhaging

5 Profitable Channels to Sell Your Overstock

As an e-commerce store owner, you're thinking of all of the year-end things you need to do, I'm sure. One thing plaguing you is what to do with all of this excess inventory you possess. You may have a few items left over from a time earlier in the year that didn't sell too well to being with. Or perhaps you simply ordered too many of them and the supply was greater than the demand. Maybe you're just making room for everything new coming in. Or maybe your excess items are seasonal, making it diff
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